1991 Productions is run by Nino Chichua and Anna Khazaradze – two high school friends who studied film production in New York and London. After returning to Georgia, Nino and Anna saw the country’s potential to become a leading Eastern European production outlet and armed with this vision, founded 1991 Productions.

Anna Khazaradze


Anna Khazaradze is a Georgian producer/director from Tbilisi, Georgia. She holds a degree in Film and Television from the London College of Communication (UAL). After producing the Sundance-winning director William Oldroyd’s film In Mid Wickedness, entirely shot in Georgia, Anna returned to her hometown and co-founded 1991 Productions. The company recently launched a new London arm to foster collaborations between the UK and mainland Europe. 

Anna has a passion for sourcing and initiating exciting projects for talented local and international directors, specializing in both documentary and fiction films from development, financing, to the production stage through European co-production. For the company’s projects Anna has secured international funds such as Inmaat Foundation, Fritt Ord, IDFA, and Eurimages, to name a few. In addition to her role as a producer, Anna is directing her second feature documentary, Berliner (Nipkow, Circle doc accelerator, Close-Up). 

While living in the UK, Anna encountered many film professionals who were looking for undiscovered and low-cost filming destinations, such as Georgia. Armed with this knowledge, Anna provides all-inclusive production services and encourages international partners to shoot in Georgia. 

Anna is actively involved in Georgian film industry happenings and serves as a co-founder and executive board member at DOCA – Documentary Association Georgia, as well as a member of GFI – Georgian Film Institute.

Nino Chichua


Hailing from the country of Georgia, Nino Chichua graduated from the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, with a degree in Film & TV Production. Determined to bring the best of western practices to her home country’s revived film industry, she moved back to Georgia and worked as a freelance producer before co-founding 1991 Productions together with Anna.

Nino has vast experience in physical aspects of production, successfully delivering projects on schedule and within budget. She has produced for San Francisco-based Odysseus Arms, one of the leading ad agencies and the first US agency to shoot in Georgia. In addition to production services, Nino’s major line of work is developing, financing and producing talented directors fiction and documentary films through European co-productions; she has been responsible for securing funding from the Georgian National Film Center for the company’s projects.

Nino believes that Georgian filmmakers have much to contribute to the world cinema. She also takes pride in promoting the country as a filming destination, providing all-inclusive production services to international crews shooting anything from films to reality TV to branded videos. Nino currently represents the company in London, UK, where she works on developing new collaborations.

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