Liaising with Government

We have a history of collaboration with Film in Georgia Office, the Ministries of Culture, Economy, Defence, and External Affairs, as well as the Georgian National Film Center and other government entities. Their support allows us to act rapidly and satisfy various types of production needs effectively.

Crew & Cast

Georgia offers specialised crew for various departments with a great deal of experience who charge around 40% – 60% cheaper than in Europe and the US. We work with the best film crew members in our country whose credits include award-winning Georgian and international productions.

We organize casting sessions and provide you with principal and extras casting directors. In addition, we own a vast gallery of talent assembled over the years. .

Location Scouting

Our deep knowledge of Georgia and its various regions allows us to find what fits your requirements perfectly. We own an extensive location database with hundreds of spectacular sites that can help you find those important filming areas that will best tell your story. For a preview click here.

Shooting in public locations and buildings is free of charge and permits are not required. We arrange permits when shooting in private spaces or closing roads.

Equipment Rental

Arri Alexa and Red camera packages, full Lighting, Grip and facility vehicles are widely available in Georgia. We have special partnerships and deals with local rental companies, offering you discounted prices.

In cases when special equipment is needed, we work with our regional service provider partners in Ukraine and Turkey to bring in what’s missing.

Line Producing

We work with your own Line Producer or cover the line producing responsibilities if required.

From the moment you start working with us, our team plans every administrative detail, including budgeting, tying up the schedule and taking care of the logistics in order to fit the demands of shooting and producing in Georgia. We take pride in providing transparent accounting to our partners.


We join the right international productions as co-producers and bring in funding from the Georgian National Film Center. Moreover, we are open to investing into projects that we feel extremely passionate about.

Travel Arrangement

We work with you to arrange the accommodation that suits your taste. From the day of arrival of the crew and talent, all the way through their stay and departure, we make sure everyone feels comfortable.

In addition, we offer trips to different sites and tickets to various events in Georgia, to provide a full-fledge touristic experience. 

Sound Stages

We closely collaborate with Georgian Film Studio that offers two sound stages.

We also facilitate permits for building exterior film sets.


With exquisite Georgian cuisine or a standard European style menu, me make sure to provide the best value, fresh, quality meals for our Cast and Crew.

Accounting & Legal

We work with the finest local accounting and Legal experts to make sure you are informed regarding any legal implications, including local laws and contracts with the crew members, as well as have no problem with bookkeeping.


We work with a world-class insurance company Circles Group who has a representation in Georgia. We arrange the right coverage for you and ensure that your production conforms with all insurance requirements.

“A crew of exemplary spirit and a fantastic 100 year old Stage/Cathedral. Our great AD and Production Team kept things moving smoothly. The Motion Control Operator, Electric/Grip Crew had a huge job. Everything was Bespoke because of the great craftsmanship they possessed.”

Ben Dolphin, Director/Cinematographer

Georgian government offers a 20% cash rebate to audiovisual productions filming in the country. The incentive is given in the form of a rebate on qualified expenses incurring in Georgia. An additional rebate of up to 5% is available if a production promotes Georgia as a destination and passes the “Cultural Test.”

The minimum spend for films and series is $160,000. For commercials, documentaries and reality shows – $95,000, for animation – $32,000.

Cash Rebate Policy in Georgia


The application is submitted online; the government gives an answer within 30 days.


After signing the contract, the applicant has a year to implement the project and provide financial statement audited by an independent, private auditing company.


If the application is successful, a contract is signed between an applicant and Enterprise Georgia.


Within 12 months the state rebates relevant expenditures.

Film in Georgia Program

We provide full assistance during the application and administration process of the cash rebate program which is straightforward and efficient

For more information please contact us.